Why did Rachelle and James break up?

Why did Rachelle and James break up? Raquel admitted ending their relationship was something she had been “thinking about” for some time, adding they had “not been having sex for a while.” “I didn’t want to give up on him because he really has shown me how dedicated he is to me and the things that he is willing to do to better himself.

Did James break up with Raquel? James and Raquel shared the news of their breakup within the first few minutes of the reunion, which aired on January 25. “We’ve decided to break off the engagement,” Raquel said. “And it’s been something that I’ve been thinking about for a while and that James has noticed that my heart hasn’t been fully in it.”

Are Brock and scheana still together? Less than two years later, the two welcomed their first child together — Summer Moon — in April 2021, and announced their engagement just three months later, as Scheana wrote that she “SAID YES” via Instagram in July 2021. Keep reading to find out where Scheana Shay and Brock Davies stand now.

Did Katie and Tom break up? After 12 years together, Katie filed for divorce from Tom on March 22, just a week after they announced their split. The divorce is sure to be a hot topic on the new season of the hit Bravo series, which was renewed for season 10 in May 2022.

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Why did James and Raquel call off the engagement?

Raquel and James got engaged in May 2021 after five years of dating. The romantic proposal played out on season 9 of the Bravo reality series — but off screen, the pair’s relationship fizzled out after an argument between James and Raquel’s dad in November 2021 left the California native feeling rattled.

Did Brock and scheana get married?

Scheana is all for a traditional white wedding with Brock. Fans saw the Jaded star walk down the aisle with ex-husband Mike Shay during their 2014 televised wedding. As for Brock, he was also previously married, but Scheana says he “never had an actual wedding.”

What couples broke up on Vanderpump Rules?

Lastly, Tom Sandoval and Kristen Doute were in a six-year relationship before they finally called it quits at the end of season 2. The couple split after the Get Over It author cheated on Tom with their friend and costar at the time, Jax.

Did Jax and Brittany split?

Cartwright and Taylor briefly split while dealing with the fallout of his affair with Stowers. “I’m just, like, really unhappy. I’ve been unhappy for such a long time … This has 150 million percent nothing to do with you,” he told her during season 6 of the Bravo show.

What does Jax Taylor do for a living now?

What does Jax do for a living now? His main job involves producing, investing and creating shows. He even hinted that him and Brittany may return to TV in future… Jax also earns money from Amazon by aiming to help his fans “find cool gifts that they didn’t know they needed for the holidays”.

What happened to Stassi and Beau?

After racially insensitive remarks from Stassi’s past resurfaced in June 2020, however, Bravo cut ties with the longtime star. The twosome wed in a small ceremony in September 2020 and tied the knot again in Rome in May 2022.

Is Tom and Ariana still together?

Earlier this month, the Bravo stars announced that they were ending their relationship after 12 years together, and ET confirmed that Maloney filed on Tuesday. Maloney and Schwartz, who tied the knot in 2019, announced their split via statements on Instagram.

Is Lala and Randall back together?

Lala Kent and Randall Emmett looked like they were going to make it down the aisle together, but love can be a fickle friend sometimes, especially for reality show couples. The Vanderpump Rules stars split in October 2021 after being engaged for three years and welcoming a child together: daughter Ocean.

Did jax and brittany get married?

Jax and Brittany tied the knot at the Kentucky Castle in June 2019. Two months after the nuptials, the SUR bartender was spotted without his wedding ring, but the Kentucky native insisted that they were in a good place.

Who is the richest on Vanderpump Rules?

VPR’s namesake matriarch Lisa Vanderpump is – duh – the wealthiest cast member. According to Celebrity Net Worth, Lisa’s worth a staggering $90 million.

What is Tom Sandoval salary?

Tom Sandoval

The reality star reportedly only earned $38,000 for the first two seasons of the show. However, he scored a huge pay bump since then and his salary has substantially gone up. The bartender’s earnings per episode as of 2021 are $25,000 and his net worth sits at a whopping $4 million.

Are Jax and Tom still friends?

Jax and Tom seem to have both moved on from their friendship, as they no longer follow each other on social media. Although he is no longer on Vanderpump Rules, Jax is keeping busy by producing and investing in shows.

Did Tom and Ariana buy a house?

The Vanderpump Rules couple combined their eclectic styles to create a space they never want to leave. Since the purchase of their $2 million farmhouse-style West Hollywood abode in 2019, Tom Sandoval and Ariana Madix have been taking their time turning the house into their dream home.

How much was Brittany and Jax wedding?

Jax Taylor’s wedding to Brittany Cartwright was truly a fairytale day — that cost $100,000.

How much did Jax and Brittany’s house cost?

Former Vanderpump Rules stars Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright know what it takes to have a party-worthy home. Taylor, 41, and Cartwright, 32, ditched the apartment life once they got married in 2019 and purchased their $1.9 million Los Angeles home.

How much was Katie and Tom’s house?

With all its Hallmark holiday regalia removed and staged for the selling process with a bunch of generic furnishings, the 3,600-square-foot home is now listed at almost $2.75 million.

Are Tom Schwartz and Katie back together?

Vanderpump Rules stars Katie Maloney and Tom Schwartz announced their separation after more than 10 years together, leaving fans to question why they called it quits.