Why did Dani leave the Kane show?

Why did Dani leave the Kane show? Radio host QUITS DC morning show on air after her co-hosts brought on a nanny who she refused to hire for being too pretty. A Washington DC area morning radio host quit her job, live on air, after her co-hosts blindsided her by bringing a model on as a guest that the woman wouldn’t hire to nanny her children.

What happened to the Kane show on 93.3 Flz? ‘The Kane Show’ went off the air in April of 2020.

While listeners originally learned of The Kane Show’s cancellation because it failed to appear on the iHeartRadio lineup for HOT 99.5 in April of 2020, a spokesperson for iHeartRadio later confirmed that the show was done for good.

Is Rose still on your morning show? Your Morning Show

@RadioRose is back from maternity leave and we’re so glad she’s back!!

What is the Kane show called now? Hot 99.5’s the Kane Show has been removed from iHeartRadio’s on-air programming after 14 years. The show, hosted by Peter Deibler (also known as Kane), has been replaced by Your Morning Show, which airs from 5-10 a.m. on weekdays with hosts Intern John, Riley Couture, and Radio Rose—Deibler’s former cohosts.

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Why was Cane fired Corey?

“The reason why they say we got fired is because we uploaded one single podcast to Apple podcast and Spotify,” Corey added. Additionally, Cane said they were off the air this week because the company has implemented a vaccine mandate and they did not plan to get vaccinated.

Did the Kane show get Cancelled?

What happened to Kane Show? In April last year, The Kane Show’s abrupt end was announced by the makers. The news about the show being cancelled took everyone by shock as Kane had been a part of the show for over a decade.

What illness did Kane from the Kane show have?

Peter Deibler, a high-energy, mischievous radio personality known to listeners in the Washington area and across the country only as “Kane,” died March 6 at a hospital in Rockville, Md., of acute respiratory distress syndrome, according to his attorney, David Bulitt. Mr. Deibler was 43.

When did Kane from The Kane Show died?


Peter Deibler / Date of death


Why did Kane and Natasha divorce?

The blogger, cook, and Etsy artist, who uses the professional name Natasha Elisa, claimed she had been subjected to a manipulative and controlling relationship. The Deibler’s divorce hit a crescendo in May 2016, when Natasha filed second-degree assault charges against Peter.

Who is intern John?

While not actually an intern, “Intern” John has become a fan favorite on HOT 99.5. His catchphrase, “My Man!” has become the show’s trademark, with listeners often saying it when they call in to the show. He’s your typical millennial, trying to find his way in the world.

Who dated John intern?

This week check out exclusive photos of Intern John going paddle-boarding with his girlfriend Mollie, saying goodbye to his first car in DC, and so much more in this week’s OnlyYMS!

What is intern Johns real name?

Jay Thomas “Intern John”

What is Riley couture real name?

This is the most positive atmosphere I’ve ever been in.” Riley, whose real name is Raquel Segarra, grew up in Tampa and was a cheerleader, model and gymnast.

Where is Riley couture from?

Riley Couture is in San Juan, Puerto Rico.