Why did Ana dump Ben Affleck?

Why did Ana dump Ben Affleck? However, the pair decided to call it quits in January 2021. A source told People the reason for the split was that the Blonde star no longer wanted to live in Los Angeles full time, while Affleck wanted to remain near his three children he shares with ex-wife Jennifer Garner.

Did Ben Affleck have a relationship with Ana de Armas? Ben Affleck and Ana de Armas first emerged as a couple back in March 2020, and they’ve been the subjects of much fascination in the tabloids and online ever since. Now, after nearly one year, the pair have reportedly called it quits.

What is Ana de Armas doing now? Ana De Armas will star in ‘They Gray Man’, where she is co-starring with Chris Evans and Ryan Gosling. She is also portraying the character of Marilyn Monroe in ‘Blonde’, which will premiere on Netflix.

Why did Ana de Armas and Ben break-up? The two actors were together for almost a year throughout 2020, eventually calling things off in January 2021. A source at the time claimed that Ana broke off the relationship due to the fact that she didn’t want to be based in LA, while Ben wanted to stay for his kids.

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Does Ana de Armas have a child?

De Armas, 32, does not have children.

Is Ana de Armas still married?

Who is Ana de Armas’ husband? Ana de Armas isn’t married, but her ex-husband is Marc Clotet. Clotet is a Spanish actor and model. They were married from 2011 to 2013.

Can Ana de Armas speak English?

She spoke very little English and, during early auditions, she often “didn’t even know what [she] was saying.” She spent four months in full-time education to learn English, not wanting to be confined to playing characters written specifically for Latina actresses.

Who is Ana Armas husband?

Marc Clotet
Ana de Armas / Husband (m. 2011–2013)

Marc Clotet Fresquet is a Spanish actor and model. He is best known for his roles in the soap opera El cor de la ciutat and the teen drama Física o Química.


How old is Ana de Arma?

34 years (April 30, 1988)
Ana de Armas / Age

What accent does Ana de Armas have?

Ana speaks English very well, but Americans are making unnecessary comments about her Cuban accent because she’s not an American actress.

Does Ana de Armas have a tattoo?

She has a tiny heart tattoo on her left foot.

How did Ana de Armas meet Ben Affleck?

Ben Affleck and Ana de Armas met while filming the psychological thriller “Deep Water” in New Orleans, Louisiana, in 2019. They began dating shortly thereafter and were frequently spotted together in Los Angeles, California, during the pandemic.

When did JLo get back with Ben?

“Gigli” costars Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck began dating in 2002 and got engaged that year. They postponed their wedding in September 2003 and officially split in January 2004. Lopez confirmed their rekindled relationship in July 2021 and they wed in Las Vegas in July 2022.

Who is Ben Affleck in a relationship with?

Did you hear? Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are married! For followers of celebrity news, this is the culmination of a two decade-long saga. Court records obtained by TODAY confirm that the couple obtained a marriage license in Clark County, Nevada on Saturday, July 16.