What Taylor Swift song is the saddest?

What Taylor Swift song is the saddest? 

Top 5: Taylor Swift songs to cry to
  1. “All Too Well (10 Minute Version) (Taylor’s Version) (From the Vault)” “And you call me up again just to break me like a promise.
  2. “Never Grow Up” “Don’t you ever grow up.
  3. “The Moment I Knew (Taylor’s Version)”
  4. “Tolerate It”
  5. “Nothing New (feat.

Which Taylor Swift songs are about which ex? 

Ex-Factor: Taylor Swift’s Best Songs About Former Boyfriends
  • “Picture to Burn” Muse: Jordan Alford.
  • “Teardrops on My Guitar” Muse: Drew Hardwick.
  • “Hey Stephen” Muse: Stephen Barker Liles.
  • “Forever and Always” Muse: Joe Jonas.
  • “Better Than Revenge” Muse: Joe Jonas.
  • “Mine” Muse: Cory Monteith.
  • “Dear John”
  • “The Story of Us”

Why are Taylor Swift songs about breakups? During her Tiny Desk concert for NPR, Swift explained that one reason why she’s penned so many breakup jams is that songwriting is such a cathartic experience for her.

What is the best song for a broken heart? 

The best heartbreak songs of all time
  1. ‘You Can Go Your Own Way’ – Fleetwood Mac.
  2. ‘Yes’ – McAlmont & Butler.
  3. ‘Love Will Tear Us Apart’ – Joy Division.
  4. ‘Dancing on My Own’ – Robyn.
  5. ‘Back to Black’ – Amy Winehouse.
  6. ‘I Will Survive’ – Gloria Gaynor.
  7. ‘Sorry’ – Beyoncé
  8. ‘Hey, That’s No Way to Say Goodbye’ – Leonard Cohen.

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How many boyfriends did Taylor Swift have?

Without including the ones who have not been confirmed to have been dating her, Taylor Swift has had 9 boyfriends.

Does Taylor Swift only sing about breakups?

Sure, 28% may be a sizable chunk, but there’s an extra 72% of her singles that AREN’T about breakups. Debut: Out of 15 songs, 4 are about breakups (Picture To Burn, Cold As You, Should’ve Said No, A Perfectly Good Heart). About 27% of the album.

How does Taylor Swift handle breakups?

“I forget about you long enough to forget why I needed to.” After a bad breakup, it can be easy to remember the good parts and consider getting back together. Taylor describes the feeling of forgetting why you broke up in the first place and recalling the positive aspects that you miss about the relationship.

Why Is Taylor Swift the only singer criticized for writing about her exes?

She has been accused of “playing the victim.”

However, society never blames said boyfriends. She was also criticized for being overly dramatic for taking a man to court who groped her. In recent years, especially with “1989” and “Reputation,” Swift has matured and gotten wiser.

Is it okay to write songs about your ex?

Songwriters, just like authors and journalists, are protected by the first amendment. But keep in mind that most publishing contracts stipulate that the writer will not defame anyone or invade his or her privacy.

Why does Taylor Swift write so many songs about her exes?

So why does Taylor Swift have so many songs about her ex-bfs? It goes without saying that the country girl uses her music to get through her breakups. It’s a way for her to heal and to speak her truth not just to the exes but to the world.

Does Taylor Swift listen to her songs?

Taylor Swift/Songs

What is Taylor Swift’s biggest song?


What is Taylor Swift’s best song?

Taylor Swift: Her 15 Best Songs
  • Right Where You Left Me. TaylorSwiftVEVO.
  • You Belong With Me. TaylorSwiftVEVO.
  • August. TaylorSwiftVEVO.
  • My Tears Ricochet. TaylorSwiftVEVO.
  • The Last Great American Dynasty. TaylorSwiftVEVO.
  • Back To December. TaylorSwiftVEVO.
  • Soon you’ll get better. TaylorSwiftVEVO.
  • This is me trying. TaylorSwiftVEVO.

What is Taylor Swift’s most streamed song?

Taylor Swift most streamed tracks (EAS)
  • We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together [Red] – 884,000.
  • Me! [ Lover] – 830,000.
  • You Need to Calm Down [Lover] – 786,000.
  • All Too Well [Red] – 780,000.
  • Delicate [Reputation] – 777,000.
  • Bad Blood [1989] – 719,000.
  • Style [1989] – 582,000.
  • Willow [Evermore] – 554,000.

Who is the #1 artist on Spotify?


Who is the #1 artist in the world?

Justin Bieber takes the top spot, with millions of followers across socials and billions of plays on streaming services. The most popular female artist currently goes to Taylor Swift, while BTS are unsurprisingly the most popular band. Any surprises here amongst the most popular artists in 2022?

How many #1 hits has Taylor Swift had?

With 168 US Billboard Hot 100 chart entries, including 8 number-one songs and 30 top-ten songs, Swift is the female artist with the most charted songs in the United States.

What song was #1 the longest?

Most weeks at number one
Number of weeks Artist(s) Song
19 Lil Nas X (1 week solo, 18 weeks featuring Billy Ray Cyrus) Old Town Road”
16 Mariah Carey and Boyz II Men “One Sweet Day”
Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee featuring Justin Bieber “Despacito”
14 Whitney Houston “I Will Always Love You”

Who has the longest Billboard song?

“Old Town Road” by Lil Nas X featuring Billy Ray Cyrus

“Old Town Road” holds the record for the longest stretch at No. 1 with 19 weeks.

What is the longest song ever?

What was the longest song ever recorded and how long was it? As of 2019, Guinness World Records states that the longest officially released song was The Rise and Fall of Bossanova,” by PC III, which lasts 13 hours, 23 minutes, and 32 seconds.

What is the longest name in the world?

The longest personal name is 747 characters long, and belongs to Hubert Blaine Wolfeschlegelsteinhausenbergerdorff Sr. (b. 4 August 1914, Germany) who passed away on 24 October 1997, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania USA, as verified on 1 January 2021.