What should I ask my tarot card after a break up?

What should I ask my tarot card after a break up? After a breakup

What are their true feelings for me right now? What are their intentions to me now? What is the future nature of this relationship? What’s the best step for me to take now?

Where is this relationship going tarot spread? This card represents the relationship in your present moment. This card represents your feeling towards the relationship and your partner at the present moment. This card represents your partner’s feeling within the relationship.

Should I pursue a relationship tarot spread? No matter how secure and comfortable your relationship is, it’s always good to get a second opinion from the cards. Tarot cards can highlight any deep feelings and conflict that you might be repressing, or they can show you how your partner is feeling about you.

What tarot card means separation? Three of Swords: this is the classic card for separation, pain, and divorce. All you need to do is look that heart with the swords piercing it and you see: a broken heart.

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What tarot card represents reconciliation?

Hanged man, justice card, temperance card, and tower card are all tarot cards for reconciliation.

Is 6 of cups a reconciliation card?

General – The Six of Cups is a neutral card predicating neither a yes or a no. The exception is if you are asking if your ex-lover is going to come back or if you’re going to return to an old job/career – if this is the case, then the answer is yes.

What does 6 of cups mean in a yes or no question?

Six of Cups in a Reading

If the Six of Cups tarot card appears in the past position in your reading, this symbolizes a joyful and loving childhood. This card in the present position indicates a time for good things coming from your past, like reunions with friends and family or going back to your roots.

Is Ace of Cups yes or no?

The Ace of Cups denotes new beginnings, happiness, triumph, and joy. You are feeling full of life and you are attracting new relationships left and right. Now is a time in your life that is positive overall. For all these reasons, the answer in a yes or no reading to your question is yes.

What does 6 cups mean in tarot?

Divination usage

The six of cups in the esoteric use of the card stands for innocence and nostalgia when it is an upright position. When this card is in a reversed position, it represents the themes of being stuck in the past, naïve, and unrealistic.

How does he feel about me Knight of Cups?

If you’re wondering a partner’s feeling towards you, they are completely devoted. The Knight of Cups is one of my top Tarot cards that indicate love. If you’re already in a relationship, the Knight of Cups is a positive omen as it means that your partner is committed, devoted, and faithful to you.

Does the Knight of Swords mean yes or no?

Is the Knight of Swords a Yes or No? The Knight of Swords doesn’t give a definite yes or no answer to your question. Instead, this card is an indication that you need to find the answer to your question from within.

What kind of person is Knight of Swords?

If representing a person, the Knight of Swords is an adult (20-35 years of age and usually male) who has a strong personality, is quick-witted, a fast talker, intelligent, daring and rebellious. He may be an air sign such as Aquarius, Gemini or Libra.

Is The Five of Wands a yes or no?

The Five of Wands is a ‘Yes’ card but indicates that whatever you seek won’t be won without a great deal of effort. You must be willing to fight for whatever it is that you’re wanting. There may be a few setbacks, but with all cards in the Suit of Wands, one’s determination can bring positive pay-off in the end.

How do they feel about me Knight of Swords?

The Knight of Swords Love Tarot Meaning

Its presence means that either you or your partner have angry, possibly even violent tendencies. The Knight’s temper and aggressive tendencies make them not enjoyable to be around. I would also read the Knight of Swords as someone who has ill feelings towards you.

What your partner feels about you three of swords?

The primary meaning of the Three of Swords Tarot card is heartache. All that is emotionally painful is associated with this card. Your relationship is failing and, to make matters worse, other people are involving themselves in your conflict.

What your partner feels about you Nine of Swords?

Nine of Swords Feelings Tarot Meaning

Perhaps they need to know that you have an interest in them? There is a high probability that your lover/potential lover has been burned in the past. The Nine of Swords in your love reading just means that they need a little emotional reassurance.

How quick is the Knight of Swords?

Timing: The Knight of Swords predicts that an important thought is turned inwards, then turned outwards to solve a problem. This event may occur in 1-12 days.

How can I clean my tarot cards without sage?

Different ways to cleanse your tarot deck
  1. Use sacred smoke.
  2. Place a selenite stone (or black tourmaline or clear quartz) on the deck.
  3. Put them out on under a New Moon.
  4. Stick the cards in a bowl of salt.
  5. Chaotic shuffle.
  6. The sort and shuffle.
  7. You can also book a tarot reading or tarot tutoring session with me.

What does Knight of Swords symbolize?

The Knight of Swords is often taken to represent a confident and articulate young man, who may act impulsively. The problem is that this Knight, though visionary, is unrealistic. He fights bravely, but foolishly. In some illustrations, he is shown to have forgotten his armor or his helmet.

Is the Knight of Wands a yes or no?

Your answer is yes. Period. With the Knight of Wands on your side, the question isn’t really “yes or no?” but when and how. Tackle your decision or next move with energy and focus.

Is Knight of Wands in love?

Reversed Knight of Wands Tarot Love Meaning

They may love the pursuit of romance, but not so much the simple, steady love that comes after. If you’re in a relationship, you may find that it feels unsteady right now, but this can also be due to the changes in your environment.