What did Durk say about India?

What did Durk say about India? Durk says India gave him not one but two million dollars worth of game after he said she taught him how to act like a grown man. The Chicago rapper also revealed that it was her low “body count” that really attracted him to India along with her authenticity and loyalty.

What did Durk say to India on stage? He got down on one knee on the stage and showed India the ring. “You know I love you to death,” he said. “You’ve been holding me down when I was going through a lot. You’re the realest and I just love you to death.

Did India leave Lil Durk? However, it seems that that is just a false rumor as the couple appears to be still going strong. Lil Durk took to Instagram Live to confirm that he and his girlfriend were, in fact, still together.

Who is Lil Durk marrying? Lil Durk is officially engaged to his longtime girlfriend India Royale. On Saturday, during his performance for radio station WGCI’s Big Jam Concert at the United Center in the pair’s Chicago hometown, the hitmaker (nee Durk Derrick Banks) caught the audience by surprise when he unexpectedly proposed to Royale onstage.

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Does India Royale have a kid?

India gave birth to their first child together, Willow Banks, in 2018. She has a six-year-old daughter from another relationship and posted on Instagram for Willow’s birthday in 2020.

Is Lil Durk and India married?

Lil Durk Showers Fiancée India Royale With Love Ahead Of Valentine’s Day. The two are engaged to be married.

Did India Royale delete her twitter?

India Royale deactivated her Twitter after defending her relationship with Lil Durk. India Royale is officially tired of y’all.