How does Jennifer Garner feel about Ben and JLO?

How does Jennifer Garner feel about Ben and JLO? Garner has been supportive of Lopez and Affleck’s romance. In April, a source told E! Garner was fine with Affleck and Lopez being engaged. “Ben told Jen and the kids, so they knew about it,” a source close to Garner said.

Are Jennifer Garner and Ben still friends? Jen Garner and Ben get along well. She is understanding and supportive of Jen and Ben’s relationship,” the source said. “She knows Ben is doing well all around and at the end of the day, she just wants what’s best for the kids and for things to be seamless and unproblematic.

Did Affleck leave Lopez for Garner? Affleck, 49, who exchanged vows with Lopez, 52, on Saturday, July 16, in Las Vegas, wrote that he divorced Garner, 50, on July 16, 2013, on an affidavit of application for a marriage license. However, the former couple did not finalize their divorce until October 2018.

Why did Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck call off their engagement? Then in 2019, the pair announced that they were officially engaged. But Lopez called off their engagement after rumors swirled that Rodriguez had been up to no good with “Southern Charm” star Madison LeCroy.

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When did JLO get back with Ben?

“Gigli” costars Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck began dating in 2002 and got engaged that year. They postponed their wedding in September 2003 and officially split in January 2004. Lopez confirmed their rekindled relationship in July 2021 and they wed in Las Vegas in July 2022.

Are Ben and Jennifer back together?

After a 2002 engagement and public breakup in 2004, the former costars rekindled their romance in 2021. Just under a year after getting back together, Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are engaged, EW has confirmed.

Why did Jennifer Lopez break her engagement to Alex Rodriguez?

A source close to the former couple tells E! News exclusively, it was J. Lo’s decision to end the relationship—and it had to do with realizing she may not be able to trust the former baseball star after all. “Jennifer has ended things with Alex,” the insider shares.

Who broke off Bennifer engagement?

January 2004: Bennifer is over.

On January 22, 2004, the two ended their engagement. J. Lo confirmed the sad news through her spokesperson. “I am confirming the report that Jennifer Lopez has ended her engagement to Ben Affleck,” the statement said at the time, per MTV.

Why did Jennifer Garner and John Miller split?

In August 2020, the couple had a brief split because there were some issues around commitment—from Garner. “He was ready for marriage and she just couldn’t commit,” said a source at the time. Less than a year later, they got back together and have stayed strong since.

Who is Jennifer Garner’s partner now?

Jennifer Garner/Spouse