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How To Make Fluffy Slime

Have you attempted making fluffy slime still? This one particular is a must attempt! The feel is so fun to Engage in with. Little ones will really like stretching and squishing this fluffy slime. And we need to say, we think this is the greatest fluffy slime recipe you might check out.

We designed this recipe with unicorn colors – pink, teal and purple. We adore how colorful and really it looks much too! And If you need a sparkly unicorn slime be sure you see this unicorn slime recipe. It’s our #1 slime recipe on our site!

Exactly what is Fluffy Slime?

Fluffy slime is de facto just common slime created with shaving product extra. The quantity of shaving cream you insert will modify the texture and regularity of your slime. The more you add, the “fluffier” Will probably be. If you only want it to get a little bit fluffy, then this recipe will stroll you through simply how much shaving product to work with. The exciting aspect about earning slime is experimenting with various amounts to find out how the slime kinds.

If you would like be certain your slime turns out – make sure you study the Guidelines carefully. The sort of Get hold of lens Remedy you’ll need and glue is essential! Substituting these ingredients for other models may perhaps result in your slime not working. We also will not advocate substituting the models we propose.

Should you’re searching for a normal slime recipe, our base slime recipe are available listed here: How to Make Slime With Get hold of Remedy. We prefer to use Call lens Resolution as opposed to pure borax in our slime recipes. We propose you try this basic recipe to start out should you haven’t produced slime right before. It is actually easier to make than fluffy slime and will provide you with an thought on just how much you have to knead and work the slime for it to variety.

Fluffy slime is loads of pleasurable for kids to Enjoy with – even so we recommend Grownup supervision Which Grownups ought to make the slime. See extra security strategies at The underside of the submit before making your slime.

Once you have your fluffy slime produced, rejoice stretching and squishing it. Fluffy slime will depart indentations once you press on it which standard slime won’t do as simply. It’s a little more difficult to stretch since it gives a fluffy regularity as an alternative.

How much time Does Slime Previous?

The fluffiness will only last daily. So if you need to do plan on storing it for upcoming use, just note which the shaving cream settles and the next day it gained’t be as fluffy. You may nonetheless go on to Engage in with it following the primary day but it is going to turn into a consistency additional like normal slime. Retail outlet within an air limited container and it ought to previous not less than one week.

Fluffy Slime Elements
If you need a considerable batch – triple the under recipe. Or make three batches with 3 diverse colors like we did and switch your slime into Unicorn Fluffy Slime!

Per batch:

– 2/three cup of Elmer’s White Glue – we want to buy this gallon dimension of white glue since it’s a lot less costly and you can proceed to employ it to create far more batches.

Take note: we built this with Elmer’s white glue. Will not substitute with other glue since the make-up will not be a similar as well as the recipe might not perform

– 1 teaspoon Baking Soda

– one/4 Cup H2o

– two-3 cups Shaving Product – Observe: usually do not use shave gel.

– one.five Tablespoons Get in touch with Lens Solution – *Significant: your brand name of contact lens Option have to have boric acid and sodium borate within the component listing. This really is what interacts While using the glue to kind the slime. We suggest only applying Renu clean or Equate brand. Never substitute with other models.

SEE: How to help make Slime With Contact Remedy for more tips earning slime with Call lens Alternative. There’s also more info on what boric acid is

Liquid Food stuff Coloring – this established comes along with an array of vivid pinks, purples and blues.

Protection Recommendations: Older people only really should make the slime and cope with all chemical compounds. Will not substitute any elements inside our slime recipes. If you have sensitive skin, don gloves whilst playing with the slime. Constantly clean arms prior to and immediately after use. If you detect any pores and skin discomfort discontinue use immediately. Slime can be a science experiment and should be created and performed with sparsely. See The underside of the article For additional protection safeguards before you make the slime.

How to help make Fluffy Slime

1. Add your white glue to some bowl.

2. Incorporate you h2o and baking soda and after that blend.

3. Increase your shaving cream and blend.

four. Include your food stuff coloring right up until you’re pleased with the color. Combine.

five. Now slowly and gradually add as part of your Make contact with Alternative.

**Crucial: your manufacturer of Speak to lens solution need to have boric acid and sodium borate within the component listing. This is what interacts Together with the glue to form the slime. If slime will not sort it is typically a result of the contact lens Remedy not acquiring these ingredients. Check out your label and find out the advised makes above within our component list.

We wish to increase in 1 tablespoon, knead for 5 minutes then increase within the one/two tablespoon just after kneading for a long time. The slime are going to be extremely sticky once you’re kneading – Which’s ordinary!

The main tablespoon you increase will let you start to knead it. And the last 1/2 tablespoon will deliver the stickiness down and it shouldn’t be sticking as much in your fingers.

Observe- fluffy slime is MESSY when you’re making it. It really is standard that it’ll keep on with your arms when you’re kneading.

If you discover it still as well sticky – include some little one oil or lotion on your palms. In case you insert an excessive amount Get hold of Alternative the slime may turn out to be too difficult and won’t be as stretchy to Perform with.

Now repeat the above recipe for each color you’d like to make. Be aware: As soon as you combine the colors alongside one another they will ultimately combine into one particular shade like Enjoy dough does. To help you keep them separately or mix and see what occurs! Should you make all three shades it could convert to grey so if you want to end up with purple just mix the pink and purple with each other.

Now you’re carried out and you may Engage in with it! The slime will hold for a minimum of weekly within an air restricted container. As stated earlier mentioned, you’ll reduce the fluffiness variable just after the first day, but it is nonetheless entertaining to Participate in with!

Slime Safety & Safeguards

Take note: Producing slime can be a science experiment and basic safety precautions need to nevertheless be produced when creating slime. By earning this slime, you comply with our web site terms which you’ll be able to examine listed here.

Adults should really take care of any chemical substances and products
Older people need to make the slime
Usually browse and Keep to the labels of goods made use of. If Get hold of lens Remedy is accidentally ingested, seek professional medical awareness quickly.
This undertaking is not well suited for little ones below 4.
Slime really should not be positioned within the mouth. Normally clean hands right before and immediately after fiddling with the slime.
In the event you see any skin irritation, discontinue use promptly. In case you have click here sensitive pores and skin, dress in gloves while building and fiddling with the slime.
Slime is a science experiment and will be produced and performed with moderately. Never let children to produce their own individual slime and do not Enjoy with slime for an prolonged time frame.

Moron Of The Month #3 Revealed

Al Gore has many awards under his belt, so why not give him this one?
Yes, congrats Al Gore, you are the Moron of the Month, and other congratulations go to socalwingnut for having the correct answer.
Mr. Al”Fraud” Gore (yes, I’m changing his name to something more suitable) seems to have done it again as he has apparently violated the rules of Earth Hour. As Drew Johnson of the Tennessee Center For Policy Research notes:
I pulled up to Al’s house, located in the posh Belle Meade section of Nashville, at 8:48 pm – right in the middle of Earth Hour. I found that the main spotlights that usually illuminate his 9,000 square foot mansion were dark, but several of the lights inside the house were on.
Gee, how did I know Al Gore would turn out to be deserving of the moron title this month? Oh yes, he’s done it before:
In the year since Al Gore took steps to make his home more energy-efficient, the former Vice President’s home energy use surged more than 10%, according to the Tennessee Center for Policy Research.
“A man’s commitment to his beliefs is best measured by what he does behind the closed doors of his own home,” said Drew Johnson, President of the Tennessee Center for Policy Research. “Al Gore is a hypocrite and a fraud when it comes to his commitment to the environment, judging by his home energy consumption.”
In the past year, Gore’s home burned through 213,210 kilowatt-hours (kWh) of electricity, enough to power 232 average American households for a month.

“Actions speak louder than words, and Gore’s actions prove that he views climate change not as a serious problem, but as a money-making opportunity,” Johnson said. “Gore is exploiting the public’s concern about the environment to line his pockets and enhance his profile.”
While he apparently consumes more energy than most, he also profits off the weak-minded, illogical, or those who are simply too lazy to do any real research into the hoax of man-made global warming and its financial implications.
And, perhaps his over-consumption is the reason for his latest need for profit as he shills out another self-righteous, ego-inflating book on global warming. JumpOut of Radioactive Liberty states:
I know Al Gore likes to think of himself as the smartest man alive, and the media likes to gargle his nads, but I have to think that there is a better time to release a global warming book than in November. I mean, it was snowing in South Louisiana about that time last year.

Well, I will say this about old uncle Al. He is a charitable bastard. He plans to donate all the proceeds from this new book, titled “Our Choice”, to charity. That’s right, he’ll be giving all that money to the Alliance for Climate Protection. Pay no attention to the fact that the chairman of the board of directors for the Alliance for Climate Protection is Al Gore.
Hey, if he really cared about the environment and believed in what he was spewing, why not use the money from the previous book, movie, and media events to give away these “solutions”?
So, let me get this straight – he teams up with scientists (who need funding) to strike fear into the minds of the masses, reaps the rewards of those fears by selling a book and movie (etc.), then acquires even more wealth by telling the masses that they can be saved if they buy his book of solutions.
I swear this is better than Scientology!
It is the Cult of Global Warming.
But, in reality, Al Gore did deserve that Oscar he won in 2007. I mean, Oscars are for actors, and he did put in the performance of his life by pretending the science in this movie was reliable. Here are just a few of the “35 Inconvenient Truths: The errors in Al Gore’s movie” by Christopher Monckton of Brenchley:
ERROR 18: Arctic “warming fastest”

Gore says the Arctic has been warming faster than the rest of the planet. It is not. While it is, in general, true that during periods of warming (whether natural or anthropogenic) the Arctic will warm faster than other regions, Gore does not mention that the Arctic has been cooling over the past 60 years, and is now one degree Celsius cooler than it was in the 1940s. There was a record amount of snow cover in the Northern Hemisphere in 2001. Several vessels were icebound in the Arctic in the spring of 2007, but few newspapers reported this. The newspapers reported that the North-West Passage was free of ice in 2007, and said that this was for the first time since records began: but the records, taken by satellites, had only begun 29 years previously. The North-West Passage had also been open for shipping in 1945, and, in 1903, the great Norwegian explorer Amundsen had passed through it in a sailing ship.
ERROR 28: Many tropical diseases “spread through ‘global warming’”

Gore says that, as well as malaria, “global warming” is spreading dengue fever, Lyme disease, West Nile virus, arenavirus, avian flu, Ebola virus, E. Coli 0157: H7, Hantavirus, legionella, leptospirosis, multi-drug-resistant TB, Nipah virus, SARS and Vibrio Cholerae 0139. It is doing no such thing. Only the first four diseases are insect-borne, but none is tropical. Of the other diseases named by Gore either in his film or in the accompanying book, not one is sensitive to increasing temperature. They are spread not by warmer weather but by rats, chickens, primates, pigs, poor hygiene, ill-maintained air conditioning, or cold weather.
ERROR 30: Carbon dioxide is “pollution”

Gore describes carbon dioxide as “global warming pollution.” It is not. It is food for plants and trees. Tests have shown that even at concentrations 30 times those of the present day even the most delicate plants flourish. Well-managed forests, such as those of the United States, are growing at record rates because the extra carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is feeding the trees. Carbon dioxide, in geological timescale, is at a very low concentration at present. Half a billion years ago it was at 7000 parts per million by volume, about 18 times today’s concentration.
Of course, you should also know that one synonym for the word “hypocrite” is “actor”; so ya, he deserved that Oscar.
The Nobel Peace Prize, on the other hand, was a sham and a disgrace. Next thing you know, we’ll see Michael Moore win one for his authentic and patriotic perceptions of the USA.
The fact of the matter is that climate change is natural, cyclical, and nothing to fear as it is just going to happen – deal with it. People need to deflate their egos from thinking that they can control the weather and our natural environment – it’s greater than you, and it’s self-sustaining (it’s going to do what it wants, so accept that reality and move on). Plus, they need to stop feeling so subconsciously guilty about their own happiness. Yes, life has been good; we have more now in the First World (even in a recession) than ever before, but that consumption does not mean destruction to our environment. We’re just not that significant in the bigger picture!
Now, I suppose I could say a lot more about Al”fraud” Goreacle’s controversial past, but he was the moron of the week once; so, feel free to venture back to Classic Sam to read up on his other moronic acts.
But, before I go, I do have one thing to wonder about…. If his wife, Tipper Gore, was so concerned about brainwashing that she pushed for Parental Advisory labels, then why hasn’t she censored her husband? I mean, he is one of the biggest brainwashers of harmful and corrupt messages out there.
Oh, and you may be wrong if you think Al Gore would be upset by this write-up. He did “create” the Internet after all; so, that would mean he had a hand in publishing this article, too, right?
Congratulations again to socalwingnut for guessing the moron correctly.
More on the Moron:
Moron Revealed #20
Global Warming: Al Gore is wrong again
Miller Time! on The Factor (1/28/09)
An Inconvenient Lie – Debunking Al Gore

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Make Love Not War

This article is not typical of Samantha Burns’ site, which mostly consists of witty humor. This is fairly long but hopefully worth the read.

The left has abandoned this slogan as of late, but they fail to realize just how right they are (although for the wrong reasons). As the story goes, it will all make sense in the end…

Previously I wrote an article ‘Everything you need to know about Al-Qaeda’.

To sum up the premise, Al Qaeda has a global ambition of world domination and intends to take over by toppling governments into a state of chaos, thus allowing Taliban-style takeover possible. I have three choices to survive: partial surrender, full surrender, or fight.

If you haven’t read it, now is the time.

However, there exists a threat even more effective at conquering than terrorism. The trouble is nobody can identify this threat without being called a racist, bigot or far worse. Unlike many others, I take the threat of terrorism extremely seriously, and I believe a non-confronted Al-Qaeda could conquer a world of people who do not rise to the occasion. What can possibly be more effective at conquering than terrorism?

Uncontrolled immigration and concentrated ethnic population growth are more effective at conquering and dangerous to national identity! I can already feel the immediate gut reaction of racist charges being brought on by those poisoned by the church of politically correct thinking.

Yes, I’m talking about those PC thugs.

Being a Canadian where everyone believes in a multicultural Canada, verbalizing such a thought is practically a hate crime here. Note to self: check the Canadian criminal code before I posted this article…

Let me set a few things straight before I get the hate police on my doorsteps. First, I like immigrants. That old cliché ‘some of my best friends are…’ immigrants is actually true. My ex-wife is a US immigrant to Canada with various mixed cultural backgrounds. My children are such a hodgepodge of multicultural genetics that I don’t think anyone could sort it out in a lab if they tried.

The danger is not immigrants themselves, but concentrated ethnic population growth brought about by uncontrolled immigration combined with a high ethnic birthrate.

Picture this scenario: the government allows massive immigration from a particular country or ethnicity. This group has a massive birth rate compared to the host country and prefers to settle in areas close to each other and chooses to identify with their country of origin rather than as being an important part of their new host country’s culture. With a large close-knit ethnic population, those living within that group and their children don’t even have to learn their new host’s language or interact with the host’s culture.

Fast forward this scenario a few years into the future and what ends up happening? As history will teach us a very bad situation can emerge.

With an unchecked birth rate, the ethnic population will no longer be a minority but the majority. This culture will be ethnically pure with a culture that does not associate itself primarily with their host’s culture. The ethnic population likely will demand special rights, separate government or demand to abide by separate laws. Basically, a state within a state will form. The host country will no longer be a united country, but a divided country based on ethnic lines.

When this scenario reaches a breaking point a few things end up happening. The ethnic community declares their independence from their host country. Civil unrest, riots, and civil war emerge. Or worse, an attempt to evict or exterminate through genocide occurs.

Those events are not mutually exclusive.

Canada has a state within a state. We have a national government and regional governments with equal relationships in unity with the others, except for one province: Quebec. Quebec is largely Francophone and for all intents have their own government. They have their own laws and duplicate agencies set up to mirror their national equivalent. Everything in Quebec’s nationalistic government is designed so that one day Quebec can split from Canada. The actual separation of Quebec was only narrowly defeated and is a constant worry of every regional Canadian government.

Fortunately, Quebecers are largely pacifists and don’t believe in violence to achieve their cause. There are notable exceptions, however, like the October Crisis, for instance. Quebec tries, to their best effort, to keep culturally pure from English Canada. The ‘not withstanding clause’ in Canada allows provinces, namely Quebec, to violate the Canadian constitution to protect their culture by setting up what English Quebecers call ‘the language police’.

Thankfully, separatist Quebecers lack one key element to succeeding independence: birth rate. Like many western cultures, Quebec has a low native birth rate. Simply put, French Quebecers are not having enough babies to make themselves ethnically pure and hence increase support for separation. Much to the separatists’ dismay, there is a large Anglophone, First Nations, and immigrant population in Quebec that by-in-large want to stay within Canada federation; separatist French Quebecers have been unable to outbreed these groups.

Despite all Quebec does to ensure a pure French Quebec, the separatist Quebec movement fails primarily due to low birth rate. Other examples in history have not met with Canada’s fortune of a low Quebec birth rate.

The Kosovo War in 1999 was such an example.

Before I continue, let me state emphatically that Slobodan Milosevic was a tyrant and without a doubt was guilty of war crimes, especially genocide. His rationale for what he did: Albanians in Kosovo was trying to ethnically purify Kosovo; while Milosevic’s actions cannot be justified in any circumstance, some truth exists to this madman’s rationale.

Kosovo’s Albanian population is an example of massive immigration combined with a high birth rate. The Albanians were allowed to immigrate to Yugoslavia in massive numbers and their population had a much higher birth rate than the native Serbians population. The Albanians, by-in-large, stuck to their own kind and lived in close proximity in Kosovo and did not integrate into the larger Serbian population.

Keep in mind, those who consider themselves Serbians were not ethnically pure themselves but consisted of various Euro-Serbian groups. Many lived in isolated Euro-ethnic groups in townships while the cities were much more ethnically diverse.

Serbia is a land that has been conquered and performed conquering throughout the generations of its existence, much like most of Europe at one time or another.

Albanian refugees immigrated to Serbian lands in massive numbers to escape various blights and wars over years and maintained a large birth rate to the extent that native Serbs became the minority in Kosovo, which now is host to a huge majority Albanian population. While Kosovo is still legally part of Serbia, it’s effectively run by NATO and acts as its own country after a costly war for all parties involved.

The immigrated Albanians, being predominately Muslim, had a separatist Kosovo Liberation Army movement which decided that the majority Albanian population needed their own country in Kosovo separate from the Serbians.

Muslim extremism that the world has become more familiar with was indeed part of this movement.

Records exist of instances in which Albanians removed the native population by giving the native Serbians a choice: Either take a large settlement for your land or be harassed until you decide to leave (e.g. end up mysteriously dead). The funding of such native Serbian land buyouts was sponsored largely by oil-rich Muslims who sought to expand the Muslim territory.

What followed was genocide, war, and refugees as Slobodan Milosevic decided that Serbia should protect the integrity of its country from the immigrated population of Albanians. Aside from the obvious evilness of genocide and expulsion, the trouble is that Milosevic was one hundred years too late to prevent the fall of Kosovo to the Albanians.

Serbia lost control of its land by its friendly immigration policies and lack of immigrant integration into their culture. The ‘solution’ of genocide can never be excused and should never be used to purify lands of any ethnic background.

Any country that wants to protect itself from ethnic takeover should have immigration policies for cultural integration that work and recognize the difficulty of some cultures that do not wish to integrate into an existing national culture. The Nazi-like final solution of war, mass expulsion, and genocide are not acceptable methods of dealing with uncontrolled immigration.

The rise of Hitler happened for similar reasons as for Milosevic in Yugoslavia. Hitler pitted the native Germans against immigrated Jewish populations. Hitler played the economic failures in Germany (largely the result of WWI and the great depression) as being a conspiracy by successful Jewish businessmen that would only help their own Jewish kind, consequently leading to the suffering of the proud German people. Hitler used a non-integrated Jewish population as a tool to fuel racism and hatred. The perceived economic disparities between the close-knit ethnic Jewish population and the native German population were a catalyst for one of the bloodiest and deadliest periods in history.

Ironically, the war to end all wars – WWII – caused several secondary immigration problems that still fuel hatred and tensions in the Arabic world today.

The first is the formation of Israel. Israel at one point did not exist. What should not be disputed (at least not honestly) is that the land Israel occupies was largely and majority inhabited by Jewish people for thousands of years. The area is not ethnically pure as both Christians and Muslims lived in that area and the area has been conquered countless times. Like all-conquering and counter-conquering, this has to lead to disputes as to whom actually owns what lands. The Allies set up Israel and recognized it as a country, so the Jewish population would have their own lands; the Jewish people were given a nation to fight future wars against those whom would perform genocide against their people like Hitler did.

Arabs often complain that Europe was responsible for the Jewish genocide and should have created an area in Europe to give to Israel as retribution. The Arabs miss one key point: the area Israel occupies was largely inhabited by a Jewish population and was well on its way to becoming Israel due to the demographic makeup of Jewish people in the area even without the Allies interference – through bloodier means no doubt (if that is possible to imagine). Creating another Jewish land would have been pointless and would have meant displacing yet another culture when a concentrated area of Jewish people already existed. Of course, the debate over the exact borders for Israel will last generations and undoubtedly, some madman will eventually try and carry out the threat to wipe out Israel, often a loose threat in that region.

The second issue brought about by the formation of Israel was Palestine. The formation of Palestine, or as it was known Philistine, has a long history. As the story goes, originally Palestine was given its moniker as part of re-drawing a border after a Jewish revolt to escalate tensions between Jews and Muslims by the conquering Roman Empire.

As Maxwell Smart might say, the old ‘divide and conquer’ trick.

Subsequently, this area has been under dispute for generations as both Muslims and Jews compete for this land. The last historical escalation of claims was brought about by the British Mandate, which officially declared the land inhabited by the Jews as part of Palestine. The redistricting by the British Mandate had much to do with European imperialist territorial dispute than anything based on solid historical claims and rights.

Modern Palestine consisting of the Gaza strip and the West Bank, but the largest dispute about the area arises from immigration. Israel on one side argues that much of the land claimed by Palestinians was sparsely populated and was populated by Arab immigrants rather than any native population. The Arabs counterclaim the land was not filled with immigrants as Israeli claims but was host to Arab population for generations and thus the land should be owned by Palestinian Arabs.

History doesn’t mean much when it comes to the final formation of borders. Ultimately, who claims ownership of a land has much larger to do with the current ethnic makeup and state association than it has to do with whom historically lays claim to what territory. Nations have conquered nations endlessly and laid claim to lands throughout time, but final borders are always ultimately determined by how the population associates with their own ethnicity or state.

If Arabs want peace, they will have to recognize that Israel is a nation comprised of mostly Jewish people; and if Israel wants peace, then Israel will have to recognize the areas populated by Palestinians regardless of historical claims to the lands. What happened in the past, while tragic and bloody, should be put aside once and for all. The entire continent has been conquered over and over by so many cultures; whom historically lays claim to what is just a bunch of gibberish compared to the realities of today. The bitter hatred and distrust founded by accusations of crimes on both sides won’t solve anything. In reality, an Israeli state and a Palestinian state exist even if both sides hate it.

Unfortunately, Iran and other like-minded rogue elements seem to think that the destruction of Israel is the solution. Odd – the very people who deny the realities of the Holocaust are the very people who cry out for the complete destruction and genocide of Israel.

Even North America can be used as an example of uncontrolled immigration. The Europeans came, settled, multiplied, and the First Nations population dwindled. Ultimately, the First Nations could not out populate the uncontrolled immigration of the Europeans, and North America was lost to them.

Today, many countries are under immigration assault. France, England, and Germany are under immigration assault from Muslim nations. In France, the Muslim population is so large that any policy seen as anti-Muslim cannot be enacted without fear of turmoil from their large Muslim population. The reason why France has been opposed to any Middle Eastern interference and enforcement has much more to do with their immigration than it does with eating cheese and monkey surrendering.

The United States is under immigration assault from Mexico, which actively uses emigration to help support its own economy and provide for its economically impoverished population. The Mexican issue isn’t as simple as some racist whites not wanting any Mexicans to come to the United States as politically correct police would have us believe. This is an issue of Mexicans coming to the United States in swarms (especially illegally, i.e. not under government immigration policy control) and not associated themselves as Americans first, but as Mexicans living within in a land they believe was stolen from Mexico. Given their birth rates and immigration rates, a Mexican majority could eventually exist in parts of the US yielding untold turmoil and racial tensions. If the immigrating Mexican population does not integrate and remains loyal to Mexico first, eventually this is a recipe for disaster.

While Canada has the permanent issue of Quebec, Canada also faces new ethnic issues as uncontrolled immigration has led to large ethnicity non-diverse areas within major Canadian cities which have formed communities that do not integrate into Canadian society.

So what lessons are to be learned about immigration? Well, uncontrolled immigration combined with high birth rates ultimately will cause the land to be conquered over time and one culture to be replaced with another. Uncontrolled immigration can fuel racism, hatred, wars, and genocide as ethnic lines become more distinct rather than more diverse.

If any culture wants to protect itself from being absorbed by another, then effective immigration policies combined with a high enough local birth rate is critical. Failing to do so will mean the eventual falling of a nation and culture; for good or for bad is for historians to decide.

For those who believe that my statement of protecting one’s culture is racists, I am not referring to protecting a genetic racial background. A culture is not just about their historical genetics, but about the formation of a society that interacts with unique characteristics. Further, culture is always in flux. The culture today is not the same as it was 40 or even 20 years ago, so ultimately you can’t protect a culture or keep it static, but you can shape its future evolution.

I believe there is nothing wrong with wanting to protect any culture from being replaced with another culture, especially if you are proud of your own culture. Ultimately, you can’t stop a culture from evolving, but you can certainly stop a culture from dramatic and quick replacement by another culture. The politically correct police can believe whatever they want, but protecting your own culture is nothing to be ashamed of.

Oddly, the hippies were right: start making love and having babies to uphold your nation and culture, not war.

Everything You Need to Know about Al Qaeda

This article is long and not typical of Samantha’s site, but I recommend you read it all.

This is all you need to know about Al Qaeda and terrorists summed up:vert.zawahiri.01.jazeera
“The war with Israel does not depend on cease-fires … It is a Jihad for the sake of God and will last until (our) religion prevails … from Spain to Iraq,” al-Zawahiri said. “We will attack everywhere.” Spain was controlled by Arab Muslims until they were driven from the country at the turn of the 16th century.
From this one paragraph you can conclude:
1) The terrorists have stated very clearly that a cease-fire will not work.

2) The terrorists will continue their terror campaign until one objective is achieved: Islam is installed as the one and only religion and all other religions are completely destroyed.

3) There is no negotiation possible. The only point for them is one world religion – Islam. How can that be negotiated? Anything short of complete and total Islamic domination means the terrorists will continue to attack.

4) Appeasement does not work. If memory serves, Spain was told to get troops out of Iraq or they would be a target. If they withdrew, they would no longer be a target. The Madrid train bombings happened and the Spanish people voted in a government sworn to appease the terrorists. Spain did withdraw from Iraq yet they are still being identified as a target in that paragraph. Why? Simple, the promise not to target Spain was a ruse to stop the Spanish army (and other world armies) from killing the terrorists in Iraq and the real objective of Islamic domination has not been achieved. Thus Spain remains a target.

5) The terrorists use the oppression of the Arabs by Israel and ‘evil’ US foreign policy as an excuse; their objective is not to change Israel or US foreign policy but to make Islam the only religion. All these excuses and supposed causes serve to win popular Arab and Muslim support, so the terrorists can operate with impunity within those areas and countries. If Arabs and Muslims can look the other way, the terrorists can operate freely while they train, scheme and attack. The terrorists latch to Arab causes, so their Arab neighbors will passively or actively support and harbor them. Don’t be fooled! The terrorists’ true and only objective is for an exclusive worldwide Muslim religion.

6) Yes, Muslims had conquered in Spain and they were driven out. Be thankful or history today would be quite different.

With this information you have choices to make:

Solution #1 – Appease and Provide Restitution

You can appease the terrorists and provide restitution for all the harm ever done on behalf of the West for some temporary relief from attack, only to face even stronger future consequences. Appeasing them will show you are weak and will not fight them. Their strength will grow and they will plot and scheme until as many as possible if you are dead, and your economy and society collapse and their Islamic insurgency can take over. They are patient. They think on long-term scales. They will emigrate, populate, recruit, and kill or enslave you.

If you think your society is immune to collapse and you can appease the terrorists forever… if you can accept a certain level of continuous terrorism as occasional noise and disruption, think again. Modern democracies are soft and open societies. Democracies tolerate so much because they have a rule of law (at least when they are not corrupted). Democracies don’t tend to round up people in a massive effort which catches innocent and guilty alike (and often more innocent than guilty). Instead, democracies use an extremely long and resource intensive criminal process to find, capture, and prosecute terrorists.

I know some lefties might be thinking that rounding up people (‘freedom fighters’ and innocents) and sending them to Cuba is exactly what George Bush is doing, and they think it’s only a matter of time before the Bush administration begins roundups inside the US, too (or some may believe they have been secretly doing it already).

Frankly, I’m glad for the roundup of terrorists. These people were caught fighting or plotting evil, and they have been captured. Thankful someone has the b*lls to lock them away.

In a war, you don’t have time for long criminal investigations. You don’t have the option to quarantine off an area while you investigate. There is no time for CSI team to come by and examine a crime scene and set up lasers with mirrors to figure out bullet paths. You don’t have time to fingerprint or collect DNA samples. You don’t have time to gather up and interview all the witnesses. Terrorists are ready to kill in a split second and the army was lucky enough to capture them before the terrorists did any more damage. You can’t post bail for the terrorists while you figure out who is innocent and guilty in a war. If you did, then expect a war you that you will lose badly.

You don’t want to kill innocents or military troops as a result of a battle with the terrorists? Pat yourself on the back as you release doves in the air and wrap yourself in a peace symbol. You are saving the world from a different form of terror by military action after all! Give peace a chance!

How many will die after you sacrifice those being persecuted when they are enslaved by the terrorist after a un-moderated civil war? How many innocents will die as the result of unstopped terrorist campaigns? How many will die when your own society collapses and civil war and insurgency breaks out? How many will die from starvation due to poverty, disease, and famine that tend to break out when your society collapses? How many will die under a successful rule of Taliban style law or under an emerged dictatorship like Saddam? How many will die as you embolden the enemy to continue their Islamic front because they believe you are weak? How many will die because you did not have the courage to stop the terrorists before it was too late? How many will die because the enemy continues to fight believing your peace movement will cause your eventual surrender? Your peaceful hands will be stained with the blood of your neighbors, family, and friends in the end because you did nothing to stop evil. Those whom stand by and let evil happen when they could have stopped it are guilty of evil themselves.

Back to the collapsing of a society…. An infrastructure building destroyed here, a train destroyed there will paralyze a society. Every attack emboldens the enemy. Enough small attacks can bring an entire society down as fear sweeps the population, jobs evaporate, tourism disappears, businesses close down, insurance stops coverage, people barricade themselves in their home, the stock markets tank and confidence is lost. Economic collapse is real and dangerous. If Russia has not had any aid or support after its economic collapse what would Russia look like now? If a simple thing like the electricity being out for an extended period of time in New York State can almost bring out riots, what will constant attacks to infrastructure and innocents do?

How do you think a society will survive without the modern technologies and services they come to rely upon? What will happen when electricity is out, natural gas pipelines are destroyed, cars no longer run because oil refiners have been attacked, the water is not drinkable, planes are too expensive to fly and airlines collapse economically, dams and levees burst and flood entire areas without any kind of warning. Think of the worst situations envisioned by all the Y2K crackpots, except intentionally brought about by Islamic extremists in coordinated attacks.

Anyone who thinks that changing foreign policy and offering restitution for all the wrongs committed throughout history against Arabs and Muslims, justified or not, will stop the terrorists is delusional. The primary reason why terrorists are able to recruit is not that people are angry at the US foreign policy and Israel. However, terrorists are able to recruit in great numbers when their deeds go unpunished and they are able to convince people they can win because the world is soft. Terror-supporting governments spread propaganda non-stop about every evil, real or imagined, action committed by the West and Israel, and they gloss over their own atrocities. Terror-supporting governments do so to keep their population ignorant; and by demonizing the outside world, they are attempting to excuse their own lack of societal progress. The West already has sent billions in restitution and appeasement and nothing ever changes.

Remember, terrorists don’t want restitution; they want Islam as the only religion. They are attracted to the power or status that they will obtain as heroes for Islam. They believe they are advancing the cause of Islam. All the restitution in the world will not stop their recruitment of people and will not stop a terror-supporting government from propaganda. It might slow them down a bit – maybe. However, once the terrorists show they are strong and the world is weak, Islam extremists will come in droves to join them to advance Islam. Extremists are not born from Western/Israeli oppression; they are born out of lack of freedom, justice, and moderate thinking in their own societies. Only preventing a win on the part of the terrorists and spreading freedom and moderate thinking will stop recruitment.

Solution #2 – Kill them

You can kill all the terrorists or kill enough to effectively cripple their movement or continuously attack them to prevent their strength from being a serious danger to your own society. You must win and fight for however long it takes. Your entire lifetime, if need be. Hopefully, as few innocents will die as possible. If you lose, then you can expect more innocents to die as governments collapse from terrorist actions, civil wars rage, and Islamic insurgencies take over.

If you believe in the ‘kill them’ approach, then winning the Iraq war is critical. They have made Iraq their front in this war. They were in Iraq before the war and were passively (and possibly actively) supported by Saddam and now terrorists are swarming into Iraq to fight. If you want to kill as many terrorists as possible, Iraq is the place to kill them. That is not the only place they are living in, of course. Eventually, you will have to find them wherever they live freely and kill them. Any government that refuses to try and stop terrorists or actively supports them must be taken down or forced to cooperate. Period.

At this point, the argument of whether Saddam had weapons or didn’t have weapons, and how likely a madman he was to use them against the US, is not really that important when we have a war with Islamic extremists going on in Iraq. For the record, the US has found over 500 WMDs, but they are not new stock. I don’t know how many are past their expiration date or are non-dangerous, but it only takes a few active ones to do serious damage. They are weapons of mass destruction not weapons of limited destruction! Heck, even expired ones are effective in a campaign of terror against a population, but I digress.

Sure, the US should have anticipated this kind of insurgency in Iraq. Some probably did and others probably did not see it coming. Some may have wanted the insurgency to put a terrorist magnet in Iraq and draw the terrorists in to be killed.

Iraq isn’t the only dangerous country in the region. On two sides of its border, Syria and Iran actively support terrorists and the insurgency. Iran has been stirring trouble in Iraq and stirring trouble with their proxy army Hezbollah in Lebanon. Syria is an active terrorist supporter. They will have to be dealt with and soon, especially considering Iran is rushing to build nukes and has in no uncertain terms threatened to wipe out its enemies. A ship parked just outside New York with a nuke on it can do some serious damage even if Iran lacks an extremely long-range missile delivery systems. Nukes tend to go a long way to wiping out enemies and populations.

Islamic extremists don’t feel the fear of mutually assured destruction from a nuclear war. They believe foremost that their God will protect them, or enough of them. Their faith teaches them that they will be victorious. If Islamic extremists can survive, they are more than happy to pick up from the ashes and convert the survivors to Islam by force. If they don’t survive and their faith was wrong – whoops. That won’t really matter though since everyone would be dead anyway.

Solution #3 – Unconditional Surrender

You can convert your entire country to Islam and live under a Taliban style rule of law. Have fun. I sure hope our forefathers didn’t fight the Nazis only to be a servant to Islamic extremists. Oh, and expect the gas chambers to start back up again when you do. Expect the Nazi’s ‘final solution’ to be completed. In case you haven’t notice there is no love for Jewish people by Islamic extremists.

Solution #4 – Partial Surrender

You can surrender all countries from Iraq to Spain to the terrorists, and let them massacre anyone Jewish in those areas and believe that they will stop at that point since that land is all they want. Didn’t that work with Hitler? Wow, my memory is fuzzy on that one. How is your memory?

Moron Revealed #37

Congratulations to Kerrigan for taking the crown from Freedom Monkey House and for knowing that this week’s moron is John Travolta.169363510_bb3a7abbfa_m

Yes, Mr. Stayin’ Alive acquires the moron role for many of his ‘tarded actions and behaviors. Let’s take a look….

Well, we all know that moron Travolta gets off on planes, but did you know he turned his house into an airport?

“The Grease star – who has a pilot’s license – can now park his $96 million Boeing 707 outside his $2.4 million mansion in Florida, America.
The replica airport house also has a 2.25 kilometer (1.4 mile) runway, and John can taxi his wings to two docking stations adjoined to the property.”

Perhaps this guy’s not just ‘high’ on flying if he’s doing something so ridiculous.
And, I bet the airport had to look just right, eh, especially after we learn that he’s a perfectionist.

Yes, John likes anal, I mean is anal.

“He explains, “I have a little bit of a perfectionist thing with machines and cleanliness. I like it to work and be neat. I still get knee-jerk reactions to things when they go off center.
“If there’s a plan of some sort and it goes slightly off-kilter I get a little nutty.”

Well, at least he knows he’s nutty.
And, his wackiness was proven further when he and his wife stuck their nose in the Katie Holmes pregnancy.

Apparently, it was Travolta and his wife, Kelly Preston, who encouraged Holmes to do a silent birth.

Well, I guess the benefit of the Scientology cult is that we can keep all the screwballs together. Let them screw up their own lives and leave us out of it.

And, speaking of the ‘out there’ celeb, he proves he’s a total space cadet as he begs US president Bush to put him on the next flight to the moon.

“Movie hero John Travolta has made a personal bid to get to the moon – by offering his services to President George W Bush.
The daredevil actor has already been personally invited to join space agency NASA on one of their space missions, but is having trouble fitting the trip into his hectic film schedule.”

See, even the president wants to get rid of this moron.
Ship him to the moon.

I’m sure many people at the Tribeca Grand Hotel feel the same way, particularly after Travolta insisted upon complete silence when he entered the hotel.

Guests at the Tribeca Grand Hotel were flummoxed by the hush that settled upon them whenever fellow traveler John Travolta showed up.
“They had to turn the music off whenever he appeared,” swears our visiting spy witness. “Everyone else had been enjoying it.”

That’s it, I’m going to Travolta’s house at 3 am, and I’m going to blast some loud music over some subwoofers. If he can be a d*ckhead, so can I.
But, I guess I can’t get too mad at him, I mean, he did mistake Oprah and Barbra Streisand for autograph seekers.

“Hollywood star John Travolta confused Oprah Winfrey and Barbra Streisand with autograph hunters when he spotted them at his surprise 50th birthday party in Mexico.
The actor was furious with wife Kelly Preston when they arrived at Cabos San Lucas for the free trip she had organized, and he saw what he thought were eager fans hopeful for his autograph.”

A burn on Oprah and Streisand at the same time deserves a little praise for this Scientology f*cknut.

Now for the news that just might make your stomach churn. Here’s a little disclosure on Travolta’s sex life.


“The fitness-mad movie hunk often works out after midnight when his chosen gyms are quiet because he likes to work on his stamina and his fitness with his trainer Steve when no one else is around to bother him.
‘I’m convinced an hour of cardiovascular is all you need, as long as you get the calories up. Then you go home and you’re all set for now.'”

Now, that’s just way too much information about the moron.
But, there’s more…

“Travolta reveals, “You can always learn more about sex and romance and love – it keeps it fresh. You’ve committed to a person to have sex with and you’re free to have as much fun as you like with that person.
“I read books and magazines. Sex is something that’s free. It’s a personal and physical pleasure, and you exchange that pleasure. If you can’t splurge there where can you?”

EW! Ew, ew, ew, ew, ew.
Too much info.

Make it stop. PLEASE, make it stop.

But, you know, I gotta question is sexuality a bit, just a bit, after hearing all the cross-dressing talk about the moron.

I believe it probably started with a TEA PARTY he held in his movie trailer where all the men dressed in drag.

Actor JOHN TRAVOLTA took time out of filming on his upcoming movie LADDER 49 to host an English tea party for men in drag.
Somehow, this didn’t surprise me.
Then, he gets dragged into a gay lawsuit.

Apparently, Travolta keeps men gay? At least, that’s sort of what one man claimed after he turned to Scientology to get over his homosexuality.

“John Travolta has been dragged into a court battle between a gay artist and the powerful Church of Scientology. Michael Pattison says he turned to the sect to “cure” his homosexuality after it used 44-year-old Face/Off star Travolta to illustrate how the church could turn gay people straight. Now Pattison is suing the church and 22 of its members for fraud, claiming he spent 25 years and half a million dollars trying to deal with his own homosexuality-but is still gay.”
I wonder, is this why Travolta entered Scientology?
Just asking, is all.

And, of late, Travolta has accepted a cross-dressing role as a woman in an upcoming ‘Hairspray’ movie.

So, what does this translate to?

Just wondering. Just wondering.

But, I guess we can thank, or hate, Travolta’s wife for his acting career.

“Hollywood icon John Travolta has praised his wife Kelly Preston for rescuing his crumbling career in the early ’90s – because she insisted he had a future as a movie star.”
Thanks for nothin’.

And, when it comes to his appearance on screen, Travolta admits it takes camera tricks to make him look good.

“John Travolta made sure he looked his best in Getting Shorty sequel Be Cool, by giving cinematographer Jeffrey Kimball instructions to highlight his blue eyes.”
Guess what, moron, even that ain’t workin’.
But, perhaps we’ll finally be in luck once people realize that they may be able to see Travolta play dead in a movie.

It seems he’s been cast as J.R. Ewing in an upcoming movie remake of the tv show, Dallas. Perhaps now, people will take it from who shot JR to who shot Travolta.

Ya, who shot J.T. I like the sound of that, lol.

Anyhow, congrats go out to Kerrigan again for taking the win.

More on the moron:
Read his biorhythms, don’t ask me how.
Travolta IS grease
Scientology is gay… very gay

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