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Camel Toe, Anyone? Episode 2

sexy camel toe cameltoe

(click on above image)

cameltoe camel toe

(click on above image)

You are searching for camel toe so I've decided to be nice to my readers and I've found a non-scam site you can view your cameltoe "needs". Just follow this link. HA!

Thanks goes to Committees of Correspondence for sending these images my way.

They go well with the previous Camel Toe, Anyone? article, except this is more like a full body camel toe.

Camel Toe1

As Committees of Correspondence mentioned, it's a "paint job so good people walking by just don't notice".

Camel Toe2
Camel Toe3
Camel Toe4

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I could say: "The last time I saw that much camel toe was in a parking lot in Morrocco."

But I won't.

Or did I?

That is a lot of camel toe.

She has an unusually solid grip on that ice-cream cone ... I wonder if that paint is water-proof.

What's a camel toe?

Just kidding...Really.

You never cease to amaze me, Samantha. Where DO you get this stuff? Yes, I'm linking to it!!!

My goodness, that's...umm...


As a secret agent for the government, I demand this woman's name and phone number.

Uh, yeah, nobody noticed.

Except the five guys in the background, staring, with wood.

You know, if the "outfit" were more conservative, she might have truly gotten away with going unnoticed. That's pretty interesting, really.

Oh, Sam, I have posted so many more camel-toes & mooseknuckles since the original (Camel-toe anyon?) article, woulda been amazed. I should try to organize them to send to you closer to Chrismas.

let's eat her and see.

Fuck I love the camel toes. Keep em coming ho!

That's hot!

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A cameltoe
A cameltoe
A camel's toes
A camel's toes

Cameltoe is a slang term that refers to the outline of a woman's vulva when seen through tight, form-fitting clothes. Usually, a cameltoe is visible from the front. Pornographic web sites exist that are solely dedicated to publishing photographs of cameltoes. The male version of this is referred to as a "moose knuckle."

* 1 Cameltoe vs. bulge
* 2 Common circumstances
* 3 Cameltoe in popular culture
* 4 References

[edit] Cameltoe vs. bulge

The word cameltoe generally refers to a visible cleft between the labia, as between a real camel's toes. The size of a cameltoe is largely dependent on the size of the labia majora, not the labia minora, although the latter can contribute.

Uncleft "bulges" are more often visible. The degree to which a woman's mons pubis or 'Mound of Venus' protrudes depends on a number of factors, including weight and anatomical variation.[1]

[edit] Common circumstances

The causes of cameltoe are not always obvious, especially to younger people.[2][3] Cameltoe is commonly understood to occur as a result of wearing clothing under the following conditions:

* Exercise shorts, stretch pants and leggings— including spandex
* Very tight-fitting jeans, shorts, hotpants, underwear or swimwear
* Vigorous or repetitive exercise, including running, especially in tight clothing
* Wet clothing
* Wearing pants too high

However, some fashion analysts have identified the clothing design as the problem, rather than its size. Cameltoe may thus be exacerbated by:

* Poorly designed jeans[4]
* Garments with a central seam which serves to divide the labia majora[5]

[edit] Cameltoe in popular culture

The word "Cameltoe" has been popularized in America through its use in entertainment media.

* The cameltoe is a key plot element in the movie The Weather Man.
* In a scene of the Broadway musical Spamalot signs composed of individual letters held by the knights intended to spell "C-A-M-E-L-O-T" are misarranged temporarily to spell "C-A-M-L-T-O-E."
* American dancepop group FannyPack's first major single was entitled "Cameltoe".
* "Camel Toe" is one of the most popular songs performed by the Bob & Tom Orchestra, sung to the tune of The Beach Boys' "Kokomo". It was notably removed from air play under pressure from the Federal Communications Commission following the Super Bowl XXXVIII halftime show controversy.
* There is a recurring character on the Late Night with Conan O'Brien show called Cameltoe Annie, a middle-aged woman with a highly conspicuous cameltoe.
* In the video game Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, there is a casino in Las Venturas, San Andreas named "The Camel's Toe".
* In Scary Movie 2 the main character, Cindy Campbell displays her spoofed "knowledge" of Kung Fu, one of which was the cameltoe where she pulls the top front of her pants up to reveal her cameltoe.
* In Serial Mom the band L7 plays a fictitious band called "The Camel Lips" in a club scene where the stage-front members sport distinct cameltoes.
* In the 2006 teen horror film Final Destination 3, the character Wendy refers to an up-skirt shot taken on her camera as a photo of a "camel toe".
* Ali G mentions Victoria Beckham's in the Comic Relief interview.

[edit] References
Look up Cameltoe in
Wiktionary, the free dictionary.
Wikimedia Commons has media related to:

1. ^ Morris, Desmond (1999). The Naked Ape. New York: Dell, pp58. ISBN 0-385-33430-3.
2. ^ Cameltoe Alert!, May 23, 2003.
3. ^ Sanneh, Kelefah. "Fashion Tip in Rap for Brooklyn Girls". New York Times, May 23, 2003.
4. ^ Anatomy of a Cameltoe, part 1. Fashion Incubator, April 21, 2006.
5. ^ Anatomy of a Cameltoe, part 2. Fashion Incubator, April 21, 2006.

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Categories: Sexual fetishism | Sexual slang

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Hot !

I'm wondering is she takes off her clothes when it's too warm !

Now can we get some PINK TACO PICS?.... lol

Hummer lips..... sssssssssss'all i can say

1) its not cameltoe if the clothes are painted on 2) she looks rough to me, but then, i have quality quim daily :)

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