Watch Your A$$ And Don’t Break The Glass

You’re at an office Christmas party, there’s a lot of drinking going on, there’s a photocopier nearby. What do you do?fotocopy2

You know what you do.

According to Canon photocopier repairmen, 32% of their Christmas season calls have been to fix the glass plates after people attempted to photocopy various body parts.

As a result, Canon has increased the thickness of its glass in hopes of ending rear-end copying mishaps.

One of the most alarming tales comes from service engineer Steven Mannion of northern England: ‘I had to repair a machine with a photocopy of a man’s groin jammed in it’.
That’s one hard copy.
Mannion also added that

“The manager suggested an office identity parade to see who Canon could charge for the call-out charge.”
I guess this means that all you office perverts out there better lighten your load before the Christmas party, eh, lol.

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