Chicken Gas?

Looks like PETA will have a new item to gripe about sooner than I thought. According to SYN/ACK/FIN and there is a fuel called BioDiesel, which is made partly from chicken fat and partly diesel. In North Georgia, they are using this more environmentally friendly fuel to power their school buses.

That’s just great. Now I don’t know who to side with. If I say, “yay, something better for the environment” I’ll be accused of being an environmentalist, aka enviro-weenie. However, if I say, “boo, using chicken as gas” I’ll be judged as a PETA supporter.

Gosh knows I don’t want to be labelled either way, so I’ll just say, “I’m sticking to my over $1 a litre gas, wanting to bring back carburetors, and ditching this air care thing” While we’re at it, I want to wear my authentic fox fur coat in public, drink my pop in a non-biodegradable styrofoam cup, and bathe every neo-hippy I come across.

Have I missed anyone to offend? If I have, let me know. You’re on my list next.

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