Suit Pursuit

You know what my pet peeve is right now? It’s all the suing that’s going on, primarily in the states. I know this doesn’t apply to the majority of my US friends, but a vast number of complainers are finding the craziest things to sue over. Like the old hot coffee lawsuit. Well Duh! Coffee hot. Or the recently burnt butt allegation Duh, chemical’s burn.

I mean, you wonder why society’s becoming overly sensitive, or too politically correct. EVERYONE. IS. AFRAID. OF. A. LAWSUIT. If anyone even gets a whiff of possible trouble, they backpedal and change to become more PC.

But here’s a thought (and even if this show isn’t my shot of vodka), I am very surprised that reality tv like Fear Factor still exists with all the animal and animal parts eating going on. How is it that animal rights activist groups like PETA haven’t bombarded the set with protests and caused media frenzies over the cruelty of animals? I am kind of glad that they haven’t squashed the defiant show because it demonstrates that society isn’t yet doomed to be a prudish wimp.

So, when it comes right down to it, I guess we have to ask, is it really worth it, does it really matter if a few bugs get eaten, a few buttocks get burned, or a few hands and tongues get scalded?

Please people, rethink if making money on a lawsuit or griping for the sake of hearing your own voice is really worth it.

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