Everything You Need to Know about Al Qaeda

This article is long and not typical of Samantha’s site, but I recommend you read it all.

This is all you need to know about Al Qaeda and terrorists summed up:vert.zawahiri.01.jazeera
“The war with Israel does not depend on cease-fires … It is a Jihad for the sake of God and will last until (our) religion prevails … from Spain to Iraq,” al-Zawahiri said. “We will attack everywhere.” Spain was controlled by Arab Muslims until they were driven from the country at the turn of the 16th century.
From this one paragraph you can conclude:
1) The terrorists have stated very clearly that a cease-fire will not work.

2) The terrorists will continue their terror campaign until one objective is achieved: Islam is installed as the one and only religion and all other religions are completely destroyed.

3) There is no negotiation possible. The only point for them is one world religion – Islam. How can that be negotiated? Anything short of complete and total Islamic domination means the terrorists will continue to attack.

4) Appeasement does not work. If memory serves, Spain was told to get troops out of Iraq or they would be a target. If they withdrew, they would no longer be a target. The Madrid train bombings happened and the Spanish people voted in a government sworn to appease the terrorists. Spain did withdraw from Iraq yet they are still being identified as a target in that paragraph. Why? Simple, the promise not to target Spain was a ruse to stop the Spanish army (and other world armies) from killing the terrorists in Iraq and the real objective of Islamic domination has not been achieved. Thus Spain remains a target.

5) The terrorists use the oppression of the Arabs by Israel and ‘evil’ US foreign policy as an excuse; their objective is not to change Israel or US foreign policy but to make Islam the only religion. All these excuses and supposed causes serve to win popular Arab and Muslim support, so the terrorists can operate with impunity within those areas and countries. If Arabs and Muslims can look the other way, the terrorists can operate freely while they train, scheme and attack. The terrorists latch to Arab causes, so their Arab neighbors will passively or actively support and harbor them. Don’t be fooled! The terrorists’ true and only objective is for an exclusive worldwide Muslim religion.

6) Yes, Muslims had conquered in Spain and they were driven out. Be thankful or history today would be quite different.

With this information you have choices to make:

Solution #1 – Appease and Provide Restitution

You can appease the terrorists and provide restitution for all the harm ever done on behalf of the West for some temporary relief from attack, only to face even stronger future consequences. Appeasing them will show you are weak and will not fight them. Their strength will grow and they will plot and scheme until as many as possible if you are dead, and your economy and society collapse and their Islamic insurgency can take over. They are patient. They think on long-term scales. They will emigrate, populate, recruit, and kill or enslave you.

If you think your society is immune to collapse and you can appease the terrorists forever… if you can accept a certain level of continuous terrorism as occasional noise and disruption, think again. Modern democracies are soft and open societies. Democracies tolerate so much because they have a rule of law (at least when they are not corrupted). Democracies don’t tend to round up people in a massive effort which catches innocent and guilty alike (and often more innocent than guilty). Instead, democracies use an extremely long and resource intensive criminal process to find, capture, and prosecute terrorists.

I know some lefties might be thinking that rounding up people (‘freedom fighters’ and innocents) and sending them to Cuba is exactly what George Bush is doing, and they think it’s only a matter of time before the Bush administration begins roundups inside the US, too (or some may believe they have been secretly doing it already).

Frankly, I’m glad for the roundup of terrorists. These people were caught fighting or plotting evil, and they have been captured. Thankful someone has the b*lls to lock them away.

In a war, you don’t have time for long criminal investigations. You don’t have the option to quarantine off an area while you investigate. There is no time for CSI team to come by and examine a crime scene and set up lasers with mirrors to figure out bullet paths. You don’t have time to fingerprint or collect DNA samples. You don’t have time to gather up and interview all the witnesses. Terrorists are ready to kill in a split second and the army was lucky enough to capture them before the terrorists did any more damage. You can’t post bail for the terrorists while you figure out who is innocent and guilty in a war. If you did, then expect a war you that you will lose badly.

You don’t want to kill innocents or military troops as a result of a battle with the terrorists? Pat yourself on the back as you release doves in the air and wrap yourself in a peace symbol. You are saving the world from a different form of terror by military action after all! Give peace a chance!

How many will die after you sacrifice those being persecuted when they are enslaved by the terrorist after a un-moderated civil war? How many innocents will die as the result of unstopped terrorist campaigns? How many will die when your own society collapses and civil war and insurgency breaks out? How many will die from starvation due to poverty, disease, and famine that tend to break out when your society collapses? How many will die under a successful rule of Taliban style law or under an emerged dictatorship like Saddam? How many will die as you embolden the enemy to continue their Islamic front because they believe you are weak? How many will die because you did not have the courage to stop the terrorists before it was too late? How many will die because the enemy continues to fight believing your peace movement will cause your eventual surrender? Your peaceful hands will be stained with the blood of your neighbors, family, and friends in the end because you did nothing to stop evil. Those whom stand by and let evil happen when they could have stopped it are guilty of evil themselves.

Back to the collapsing of a society…. An infrastructure building destroyed here, a train destroyed there will paralyze a society. Every attack emboldens the enemy. Enough small attacks can bring an entire society down as fear sweeps the population, jobs evaporate, tourism disappears, businesses close down, insurance stops coverage, people barricade themselves in their home, the stock markets tank and confidence is lost. Economic collapse is real and dangerous. If Russia has not had any aid or support after its economic collapse what would Russia look like now? If a simple thing like the electricity being out for an extended period of time in New York State can almost bring out riots, what will constant attacks to infrastructure and innocents do?

How do you think a society will survive without the modern technologies and services they come to rely upon? What will happen when electricity is out, natural gas pipelines are destroyed, cars no longer run because oil refiners have been attacked, the water is not drinkable, planes are too expensive to fly and airlines collapse economically, dams and levees burst and flood entire areas without any kind of warning. Think of the worst situations envisioned by all the Y2K crackpots, except intentionally brought about by Islamic extremists in coordinated attacks.

Anyone who thinks that changing foreign policy and offering restitution for all the wrongs committed throughout history against Arabs and Muslims, justified or not, will stop the terrorists is delusional. The primary reason why terrorists are able to recruit is not that people are angry at the US foreign policy and Israel. However, terrorists are able to recruit in great numbers when their deeds go unpunished and they are able to convince people they can win because the world is soft. Terror-supporting governments spread propaganda non-stop about every evil, real or imagined, action committed by the West and Israel, and they gloss over their own atrocities. Terror-supporting governments do so to keep their population ignorant; and by demonizing the outside world, they are attempting to excuse their own lack of societal progress. The West already has sent billions in restitution and appeasement and nothing ever changes.

Remember, terrorists don’t want restitution; they want Islam as the only religion. They are attracted to the power or status that they will obtain as heroes for Islam. They believe they are advancing the cause of Islam. All the restitution in the world will not stop their recruitment of people and will not stop a terror-supporting government from propaganda. It might slow them down a bit – maybe. However, once the terrorists show they are strong and the world is weak, Islam extremists will come in droves to join them to advance Islam. Extremists are not born from Western/Israeli oppression; they are born out of lack of freedom, justice, and moderate thinking in their own societies. Only preventing a win on the part of the terrorists and spreading freedom and moderate thinking will stop recruitment.

Solution #2 – Kill them

You can kill all the terrorists or kill enough to effectively cripple their movement or continuously attack them to prevent their strength from being a serious danger to your own society. You must win and fight for however long it takes. Your entire lifetime, if need be. Hopefully, as few innocents will die as possible. If you lose, then you can expect more innocents to die as governments collapse from terrorist actions, civil wars rage, and Islamic insurgencies take over.

If you believe in the ‘kill them’ approach, then winning the Iraq war is critical. They have made Iraq their front in this war. They were in Iraq before the war and were passively (and possibly actively) supported by Saddam and now terrorists are swarming into Iraq to fight. If you want to kill as many terrorists as possible, Iraq is the place to kill them. That is not the only place they are living in, of course. Eventually, you will have to find them wherever they live freely and kill them. Any government that refuses to try and stop terrorists or actively supports them must be taken down or forced to cooperate. Period.

At this point, the argument of whether Saddam had weapons or didn’t have weapons, and how likely a madman he was to use them against the US, is not really that important when we have a war with Islamic extremists going on in Iraq. For the record, the US has found over 500 WMDs, but they are not new stock. I don’t know how many are past their expiration date or are non-dangerous, but it only takes a few active ones to do serious damage. They are weapons of mass destruction not weapons of limited destruction! Heck, even expired ones are effective in a campaign of terror against a population, but I digress.

Sure, the US should have anticipated this kind of insurgency in Iraq. Some probably did and others probably did not see it coming. Some may have wanted the insurgency to put a terrorist magnet in Iraq and draw the terrorists in to be killed.

Iraq isn’t the only dangerous country in the region. On two sides of its border, Syria and Iran actively support terrorists and the insurgency. Iran has been stirring trouble in Iraq and stirring trouble with their proxy army Hezbollah in Lebanon. Syria is an active terrorist supporter. They will have to be dealt with and soon, especially considering Iran is rushing to build nukes and has in no uncertain terms threatened to wipe out its enemies. A ship parked just outside New York with a nuke on it can do some serious damage even if Iran lacks an extremely long-range missile delivery systems. Nukes tend to go a long way to wiping out enemies and populations.

Islamic extremists don’t feel the fear of mutually assured destruction from a nuclear war. They believe foremost that their God will protect them, or enough of them. Their faith teaches them that they will be victorious. If Islamic extremists can survive, they are more than happy to pick up from the ashes and convert the survivors to Islam by force. If they don’t survive and their faith was wrong – whoops. That won’t really matter though since everyone would be dead anyway.

Solution #3 – Unconditional Surrender

You can convert your entire country to Islam and live under a Taliban style rule of law. Have fun. I sure hope our forefathers didn’t fight the Nazis only to be a servant to Islamic extremists. Oh, and expect the gas chambers to start back up again when you do. Expect the Nazi’s ‘final solution’ to be completed. In case you haven’t notice there is no love for Jewish people by Islamic extremists.

Solution #4 – Partial Surrender

You can surrender all countries from Iraq to Spain to the terrorists, and let them massacre anyone Jewish in those areas and believe that they will stop at that point since that land is all they want. Didn’t that work with Hitler? Wow, my memory is fuzzy on that one. How is your memory?